The rise of retail investing
Social media is revolutionizing the stock market, sending trading volumes soaring and presenting new headaches for regulators. Here’s Protocol | Fintech’s guide to what’s happening, who’s behind it and what comes next.
The Big Feature

Wall Street investing will never be the same

Some brokerage apps think they can harness the online enthusiasm for trading. The challenge is not doing more harm than good.

Instant Expert

Five ways to think about retail investing in 2021

The smart money is piling into online brokerage startups. Are picks and shovels where the real money is at?

What I've Learned

Jina Choi sees the pendulum swinging in Silicon Valley

The SEC's top enforcer in San Francisco during the Theranos saga has a warning for entrepreneurs.


Ten To Know

Ten people defining the new world of retail investing

The rising stars to follow on Twitter, listen to on Clubhouse or even snag a Zoom with — and why they're important.


Potential regulations to come from Gamestop-Robinhood

Actions around settlement, gamification and naked short-selling could be on the horizon, according to the experts.

The Chart

How a retail surge boosted trading

Commission-fee trading drew in new investors. The pandemic crash and subsequent rally kept them buying and selling.