The New Database
The database market is exploding, with sky-high valuations for vendors and a rush to think differently about data among customers. This is Protocol | Enterprise’s guide to the fast-changing field.
The Big Feature

It’s the golden age of databases. It can’t last.

Startups are reaping huge funding rounds. But money alone won't be enough to top the current market leaders.

Instant Expert

Five factors driving the database revolution

The technology is confusing but plays a critical role in modern-day life. This is your guide to understanding why investors and entrepreneurs are so excited.

What I've Learned

Billy Bosworth had a front seat to the database explosion

Bosworth entered the tech industry right as the Oracle database was taking off. A lot has changed since then.


Ten To Know

Ten people defining the new database landscape

These are the people helping corporations around the world collect, analyze and utilize the vast amounts of data powering the next generation of business.


How to save — or tank — your data strategy

Having senior executives active in the process or articulating the value of data can help, while expecting perfection or weaponizing data can work against an organization, members of the Braintrust say.


The data scientist boom

There's huge thirst for data-related expertise in the job market.


The mistakes you can’t make in an enterprise data strategy

Companies need to take time to get governance frameworks, unit economics and integration capabilities right, or they risk paying the price in the long run, according to members of Protocol's Braintrust.