The Inclusive Workplace
In the search for the best diversity, equity and inclusion plans and practices, tech companies of all sizes still struggle with creating an inclusive workplace culture. This is your guide to helping create an atmosphere that allows all of your employees to bring their authentic selves to work.
Instant Expert

Five ways to think about workplace inclusion in 2021

The way employees think about inclusion has rapidly changed. Here's how to ensure your efforts are effective.

What I've Learned

How to stop performing diversity

Bernard Coleman discusses what he's learned over the years about building inclusive workplaces.


Ten To Know

The 10 people changing the game in building an inclusive workplace

Here are the people making serious changes to the way we talk about and build inclusive cultures in tech.


How to know when your company needs help on inclusion

Doing an unbiased analysis of your own strengths and weaknesses, focusing on the specific expertise external partners can offer and evaluating where your organization is on the maturity curve are important steps, inclusion experts say.

The Chart

Corporate interest in diversity is still on the rise

As of August 31, 2021, the share of DEI-related job postings per million is up 52% compared to August 2020.