The Great Resignation
The workplace is changing. The current worker shortage offers unique challenges to tech, an industry that’s been in flux long before the pandemic upended everything. Protocol dug into the data and spoke to leaders at some of the biggest tech companies as well as experts in HR, recruiting, retention and benefits about evolving workplace policy. Learn about emerging trends, new technologies and innovative strategies so you can make decisions that will help your business and your employees navigate The Great Resignation.
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Why hiring is so hard right now — and how to fix it

It’s a whole new world out there. Hiring experts from GV, ServiceNow and Lacework told us how they’re navigating it.

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5 ways to recruit and retain tech talent in 2022

The battle for tech talent is fierce. Companies need to get creative.

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SoftBank's chief people officer: How to retain and recruit talent

Its first female managing partner shares tips for people leaders trying to recruit and retain top talent in these challenging times.



How to find top tech talent in unlikely places

Using bootcamps to your advantage, harnessing upskilling programs and looking for mid-level career changers are good strategies, members of Protocol's Braintrust say.

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Tech C-suites still can’t solve their diversity problems

New data from Protocol analyzes the tenures of Big Tech leadership. What we found: Men outlast women, and white executives outlast leaders of color.