Securing the Enterprise
There’s no let-up in the surge of cyberattacks against businesses. But shutting down the hackers will require many enterprises to evolve their strategy.
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How to stop the leading security threat: Identity-based cyberattacks

Businesses are facing a surge in attacks using stolen identity credentials — now the largest source of breaches. While there’s no cure-all, experts recommend a strategy involving the adoption of stronger authentication and authorization systems, as well as tools to provide better visibility into identity-based attacks and “shadow IT” use.

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5 ways businesses can improve information security

Adoption of stronger identity authentication, up-to-date awareness training, and a data-driven approach to combating cyberthreats are among the top investments that businesses can make for their cybersecurity programs.

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Why Microsoft's Vasu Jakkal sees cybersecurity as a 'symbol of hope'

The Microsoft security executive told Protocol that she’s driven by the potential to help people feel safe in their digital lives.



What cybersecurity executives would do with a blank check

Many leaders say they'd use their blank check to instill a security-first culture or bring in new talent.

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How major security incidents have evolved over the last six years

In Protocol’s data analysis of the changing cyberthreat landscape, attacks using stolen credentials are on the rise, while phishing risks are down.