The Future of Mobility
Recent years have transformed our mobility needs, creating unprecedented shifts in how we move, commute, and travel. This is Protocol’s guide to the innovations that will help us safely and sustainability navigate the new world.
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The EV revolution is here. It’s happening on two wheels.

Forget the F-150 Lightning. When it comes to getting more EVs on the road, it’s all about motorcycles, mopeds, and scooters.

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The 5 technologies reshaping the next decade of mobility

Technology is changing everything about the way we move through the world. Here are the technologies that will redefine the next decade of transportation

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A net zero future doesn’t need to kill the two-car garage

As chief infrastructure officer for the state of Michigan, it’s Zachary Kolodin’s job to usher in the future of mobility while still prioritizing the state’s basic infrastructure needs.


The biggest electrification milestones for 2023

From transmission network modernization to global EV battery manufacturing standards, the milestones the experts see as critical in the next year are wide-ranging.

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New poll: The era of the ICE vehicle is ending. What comes next?

EVs are on the rise and trust in public transit is holding strong, our survey finds.